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Via dei Mille, N. 141

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Commercial space for sale on the ground floor located in Noto (SR), in Via dei Mille n.141. This is a shop included within a residential building, built in the mid-1980s, located in the central area not far from the hospital.The unit consists of a single room, equipped with two bathrooms and as many anti-bathrooms. The room is very bright, as it is served by six large openings on which large glass windows in steel are installed, further protected by the same number of galvanized steel roller shutters; only two of the aforementioned windows are accessible, facing south, while the others are fixed. The internal fixtures are in honeycomb wood. The restaurant is paved with ceramic stoneware tiles; the bathrooms are paved and covered with glazed ceramic tiles. The internal plasters are traditional, with a smooth finish and painted with white water-based paint. The water system is built underground; the electrical and lighting systems are instead made out of track. The system is equipped with an air conditioning system of the air / air type, or heat pump with indoor ceiling unit. The maintenance and conservation conditions are fair.At the moment, the property is directly connected to the adjacent garage, registered at sub 19 through an opening made on the dividing wall, without a frame. This unit is on sale at the following LINK. In the event of a separate sale of the two assets, the separation must be restored.Visible movable property is not part of this sale.Property described in the appraisal attached as "Lot C.3".Gross area: 106.92Commercial area: 93.83 sq.m.Full ownership of:Commercial premises (CF): Sheet 235 - Particle 1161 - Subordinate 18 - Cat. C / 1 - Negozio in vendita a Noto Via Dei Mille N. .

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Categoria: Commerciale
Tipologia: Immobile Commerciale
S.Tipologia: Negozio
Contratto: vendita
prezzo euro Prezzo: € 123.000
Superficie: 93 mq
Locali: 1
servizi Bagni: 0
tipo cucina Cucina:
posto auto Posto Auto:
condizione manutentiva Stato:
giardino Giardino: giardino
Terrazzo: terrazzo
Balcone: balcone
Classe Energetica: n.d.
Ipe: n.d.

Posizione su cartina di: Negozio Via Dei Mille, N. , Noto. - Vendesi Immobile Commerciale

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Hai cercato un immobile commerciale monovano a Noto Via Dei Mille, N. 141 con superficie compresa tra 90 e 100 mq e fascia di prezzo tra 120000 e 130000 euro. L'annuncio immobiliare di vendita immobile commerciale Noto 1 vano / negozio è pubblicato da Neprix S.r.l.